some of my previous projects

Guilherme Liedke | Architect

Guilherme Liedke | Architect

Photoshop • Flash • XML

2007 – 2012
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Joey Zuber | Sports Consultant | TV Presenter

Joey Zuber | Sports Consultant | TV Presenter

Photoshop • Flash • FinalCut • XML

2009 – 2011
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Animation: El Hombre VHSman

Animation: El Hombre VHSman

Illustrator • Photoshop • Flash
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my key strengths

Strategic Planning & Project Management

No matter how big or small the project can be, strategic planning and management is a fundamental part to the success of my work.

Branding & Internet Presence

Your Brand is a important asset of your company. Without proper care to little details, big results are at stake.

Creative Thinking & Design Expertise

All modern tools available create no limits to our ideas. Why try to reinvent the wheel if you can fly?

Communication & Experience

Communication is more than saying the right thing at the right time. I believe It's a commitment to all processes and members of a project or enterprise.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Be social, make your product or brand irresistible. I can help you finding the right direction to bring the right results.

Advanced IT Skills

Updating my knowledge and skills with the latest technologies allows me to do better, faster and more cost efficient on my projects.

My Skills

It is very difficult if not impossible to calculate percentage of skills or experiences, but I can tell you one thing, as close as you think you can get to 100% more you realise there is always space to learn and grow. I have passion for what I do... Always working to reach 100%.


“Carlos is a extremely creative professional. He’s the kind of person who dives deep into the project, always bringing unexpected solutions and finding new ways of doing something.

No obstacle is daunting enough for him. I saw that when we worked together in a project from my agency. We had a tight deadline and a low budget, but he found a way to deliver an awesome result. That’s the kind of creative professional I want in my team.”

Guilherme Rimoli | Duetto Marketing Events

Guilherme Rimoli | Duetto Marketing Events

September 7, 2011

“Carlos is a highly valuable resource to the company. He has a can-do attitude and no project is too hard or too big. He has a wide set of skills, from graphical design, to coding, to networks and server configurations.

Some of his best attributes include his positive attitude, goal-oriented approach and his unwavering dedication to the job, often sacrificing personal time. It is a great pleasure to be working with Carlos.”

Dmitry Kandov | Ausloans Finance Group

Dmitry Kandov | Ausloans Finance Group

March 4, 2014
People are complex non-linear organisations where, not always, logic can be applied. We are unlimited creative universes often limited by sociocultural dogmas. I stand for free creativity and well polished ideas until the expected result is archived. Great strategy and design is my work ideology.
Carlos Fabian